A Case Study of Environmentally Safe Oil Changes for Work Trucks and Heavy Equipment… Plecker Construction and Excavating Company

Since first being introduced to the Clean Planet Oil Evac Valve Kit in 2006, Timmy Plecker, owner of Plecker Construction and Excavating Company in the Central Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, has experienced exponential environmental improvements in his operation.  Plecker is a family owned, long-established icon the in Valley that owns and operates a fleet of 200 pieces of heavy equipment and work trucks and helps State, Federal, and regional customers fulfill their construction and excavation needs. 

As with any construction and excavating company, fleet down time is costly.  Because of his pressing need to keep his equipment performing on his full load of jobs, Plecker relies on both in-field and in-shop servicing of his fleet of work trucks and equipment ranging from small rollers to D8 dozers.  When Clean Planet’s Jim Williams approached Plecker in 2006 and asked if he could pilot his new invention on a few pieces of equipment and dump trucks in the work-fields, Plecker agreed to the pilot.

After the first service job, it was self-evident that what he put on my equipment and trucks was the way to improved environmental stewardship and time and costs savings for Plecker Construction.

JetCo Delivery Steps Up as a Proactive Environmental Steward

Jetco Delivery, maintenance team celebrates arrival of their new CPMI Used Oil Shuttle for their shop. Jetco Delivery was voted one of the “Top 20” Best Fleets to Drive For from the Truckload Carriers Association in 2021 Check out this environmentally focused transport company in Houston, TX when you need a carrier that goes the extra mile.

America’s BEST GREEN FLEETS Recognizes Ruan

Ruan Transportation, one of Clean Planet’s leading customers, was recently recognized as one of America’s best sustainable fleet maintenance management programs.

In September, GREEN FLEETS of the AMERICAS, a new division of the highly regarded 100 Best Fleets forum, awarded its first recipients in the commercial fleet division.  Out of the 50 top awards presented, Ruan placed 22nd. 

In response to that award, Jim Williams, CPMI’s vice president and product developer, stated, “We are thrilled for Ruan and congratulate this long-established pace setter in sustainable maintenance practices.  We are also very pleased that our valve kits that are installed on Ruan’s Class 8 trucks are helping this prestigious company expand its environmental footprint in the trucking-based industry and gain peer recognition in the process.”

​This award follows the Clean Planet and Council on Environmental Standards recognition presented to Ruan in 2019 for its historical and continued outstanding fleet management sustainability accomplishments. 

Fossil Fuels Management Earns UPS Trailblazer and Leadership Awards

Michael McDonald, UPS Director of Maintenance and Engineering for Sustainability and Government Affairs, accepted an award for UPS, celebrating the company’s superior leadership in sustainable fleet maintenance. The Council on Environmental Standards Association (CES) President and CEO, Judy Williams, presented the award while attending the 2019 Sustainability Technology Conference and Expo in Durham, NC, Wednesday, August 7. Rick Sapienza, Director of the Clean Transportation Program for North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center and lead coordinator of the conference, helped celebrate UPS’ excellence in fleet environmental sustainability.

He engaged McDonald as a conference panelist to share the company’s current and future sustainable fleet practices. NC Clean Energy Technology Center, NC Dept. of Transportation, and NCU present this annual conference, which includes a pre-conference event presented by the 100 Best Fleets in the Americas.

Also, at that event, 100 Best Fleets founder and CEO, Tom C. Johnson showcases fleet maintenance leaders out of the best 100 fleets and affords attendees an opportunity to learn from these industry-changing professionals. In addition, Johnson -a CES board member – presents the year’s top 50 Green Fleet Awards.

Judy Williams presents Dennis Elford, UPS Director of Maintenance & Engineering Transportation Fleet & Corporate Automotive Engineering, with Trailblazer Leadership Award

CES Celebrates Fontaine Modification’s Sustainability Advancement

STAUNTON, VA – Fontaine Modification, a Marmon Highway Technologies/Berkshire Hathaway company located in Statesville, NC, received a Council on Environmental Standards Association (CES) recognition award Wednesday, August 7, 2019, for its support and advancement of environmentally sustainable fleet management. 

Judy Williams, CES president and CEO, and James Williams, vice president, presented the 2019 award to Fontaine’s Brad Howard, director of fleet operations, Wes Lundy, purchasing manager, and Brian Gagnon, director of supply chain, in recognition of the company’s support and recommendation of sustainable fleet management products, practices and protocols to its many customers, which is fulfillment of one of the Association’s operational tenants.

“We cross-reference and refer Council members and like-minded consumers to companies exhibiting strong environmental stewardship – and a commitment to honoring the intellectual properties and ideas of the people who are improving our world – to help build a 360-degree, integrated system of sustainability.  Participants throughout the supply chain have countless opportunities to help grow green fleets across America. 

When Fontaine and other companies share knowledge and environmentally sound products, practices, and ideas with OEMs and the trucking industry itself, they are promoting and supporting environmentally sustainable fleet management that benefits people, planet, and profit,” said Judy.   

In addition to its Statesville headquarters, Fontaine, a company with a 30-year history of providing pre-delivery streamlining and detailing of new trucks from major manufacturers, has additional locations in Charlotte, NC, Chillicothe, Springfield, and Avon Lake, OH, Dublin, VA, Garland and Laredo, TX, and Williamstown, WV.  

Fontaine Modification representatives Brian Gagnon, Brad Howard, and Wes Lundy (L-R) with Judy Williams

Ruan Applauded for Fleet Sustainability and IP Support

Pictured with CES Chairman and President Judy Williams are Ruan’s David Polson, Brad Gehring and James Cade (l-r).

Ruan Transportation has a long-established history of sustainability practices that reach across its corporate landscape.

In 2012, Ruan added an American-made, green fleet maintenance device to ensure spill-free oil changes.  Since then, the addition of Clean Planet Manufacturing’s (CPMI) Oil Evac Valve Kit has helped take Ruan to the next generation of fleet sustainability and environmental stewardship.

In recognition of Ruan’s long-standing, comprehensive environmental stewardship, CES’ Judy Williams, president and CEO, and CPMI’s Vice President,

James Williams, recently traveled to Ruan’s corporate headquarters in Des Moines, IA where President Williams presented a coveted CES Tier II Award to the company’s transportation leadership team of David Polson, Damon Gray, Brad Gehring and James Cade (left).

Environmental awards and recognitions are not foreign to Ruan.  From the use of alternative fuels, such as CNG, to proven aerodynamic solutions, auto-inflation tire systems, onboard monitoring, and auto-shift power units, Ruan is a proven leader in reducing the carbon footprint and reducing diesel fuel consumption for the company and its customers.

As a participant in the Carbon Disclosure Project, Ruan is contributing to the Clean Cities annual study on diesel reduction. In addition, Ruan is a standing recipient of Food Logistics’ Top Green Provider list, Inbound Logistics’ Green Supply Chain Partner list and the top 50 Greenest Fleets list by Heavy Duty Trucking magazine. In recognition of its commitment to helping position the freight industry more prominently on the sustainability horizon, Ruan has received multiple SmartWay Excellence Awards.